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August 13, 2011

Now Running on WordPress

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I’ve moved my personal website and blog over to WordPress.  I’ve done little work with WordPress until a few months ago, but recently used it for a new project and liked what I found.  I see a lot of places where I think it fits in very well, and I think my web site works as one of those places.  It’ll also give me the chance to become more familar with WordPress.

Previously I’d been using BlogEngine.NET for my blog.  The migration went pretty smoothly using the directions I found at  The only significant change from his instructions I did was to download the BlogML import plugin from the WordPress site instead of the one linked from that article.  For the redirects from the old links to the new links for articles I used the Redirection plugin from

As part of the update I also revived a few blog posts that had vanished from the blog due to a bad setting.

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