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August 30, 2009

Windows 7 Install

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I’ve had a laptop for about eighteen months and it’s about due for a reinstall.  Mostly because I didn’t take the time to reformat it from scratch at the start and left a lot of the vendor bloatware in place.  Plus it’s my primary development machine and sees a lot of installs and uninstalls when testing software and other products.

I bought it with 3 GB of memory as I didn’t want to go 64 bit at the time, but after having worked with a 64bit machine at work for the last few months, I felt more comfortable with the idea.  The maximum memory the laptop will take is 4 GB so Saturday I bought a 2 GB SODIMM to replace the 1 GB in it and take myself up to a total of 4 GB.  Overnight I left the laptop running and imaged the hard drive to an external drive.

Monday I booted up my Windows 7 RTM and began the install.  The only thing that didn’t detect out of the box or after a Windows Update was my USB wireless.  So far I’m impressed with Windows 7.

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