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December 14, 2014

This is My Forty

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I’m writing this entry late in the evening of my fortieth birthday. Tonight I sit here taking a few quiet moments to let myself recharge after a number of very social days. The importance of a single birthday because it’s a round number like forty can be debated, but I’ve been asked a few times my thoughts on this birthday the last few weeks so I thought a moment to reflect wouldn’t be out of line.

Having a birthday less than two weeks before Christmas means that I’m used to it being a busy time. There is the normal activity as the days count down to the holiday season and the end of the year. Having worked in higher education for the last thirteen years it’s also a time that marks the end of a semester, student exams, and graduation ceremonies at work.

Even with those factors, I’ve been busy lately. Earlier this year had challenging times, but as summer turned to autumn I’ve found myself both fairly busy an mostly happy. I don’t think those are unrelated. I’ve opened myself back up more socially after closing off for a while. Meeting people without expectations has left me busy, at time even hectic, but enjoying life as it comes by.

As I reach forty I find myself happy. Not all of my life is perfect, but is life ever? It is pretty good. I’m in the best health I’ve been since I was a teenager and the best shape of my life. When I look forward it’s with optimism and the feeling that my best years are coming more than they have passed me by. And that is truly I think all I could ask for any day.

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