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April 10, 2010

A Thought About Apple and Adobe

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Today I read some articles about the changes to the agreement for the iPhone SDK that basically seems designed to keep Flash off the iPhone at all costs.  I’m more annoyed that it might knock out MonoTouch, a product I was starting to look at with the idea of doing some iPhone/iPad development, though the company still seems optimistic.

If Adobe really decides to push it, here is an interesting thought.  Adobe’s new Creative Suite 5 debuts in on Monday.  What if Adobe was to decide that if Flash can’t go onto the iPhone, then Creative Suite won’t be released for the Mac?  It’s a nuclear option to be sure as it would get the Mac creative community up in arms, but I can’t think of a better weapon they have in their arsenal if they really wanted to push the fight.  It’s probably too late for CS5 even if they wanted to, but imagine if during the debut they mentioned that they were reevaluating their support for CS6 on the Mac platform given the current relationship with Apple.

I think it would be a bad idea in the long run for Adobe, but it’s an interesting thought.

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